… Promises Access To Clean Water Across Kaduna

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, has joined the world to mark “World Food Day 2023,”with the theme “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind.”

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Muhammad Lawal Shehu, on Monday, further said, the Governor promised access to clean water across the state.

“On World Food Day 2023, we recognize the critical role that water plays in ensuring food security in Kaduna state and across the world. Water is a vital resource, constituting over 50% of our bodies and covering 71% of the Earth’s surface. However, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization,only 2.5% of this water is freshwater suitable for various uses, such as for drinking and agriculture.

“This year’s theme, “Water is Life, Water is Food. Leave No One Behind,” conveys a potent and succinct message. It underscores that water is the essence of life itself. Without access to clean and safe water, human survival is at risk. Water isn’t just a resource; it’s fundamental for our existence. Also, it highlights the intricate connection between water and food security. Adequate water resources are crucial for agriculture and food production, emphasizing that water is, essentially, food.” Governor Sani stated in his remarks.

“Our administration is committed to providing communities ,especially our rural areas with access to clean water and food”

In proactive efforts to achieve this,the Kaduna State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KADRUWASSA) is implementing programmes such as the Partnership for Expanded Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene(PEWASH) and Sustainable Urban and Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (SURWASH) to provide Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) services.

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The Kaduna State Government is committed to attaining Open Defecation Free (ODF) status by 2024, one year before the national deadline. In August 2023 during a visit by UNICEF’s Chief of Water,Sanitation and Hygiene, Kaduna state was lauded for its proactiveness as 7 LGAs have already been declared free of open defecation by UNICEF.

“Water pollution has far-reaching impacts on our food, environment, the economy, and health this is why in partnership with UNICEF, we recently constructed ventilated improved pit(VIP) latrines and hand wash stations across the State. We have also undertaken borehole construction and rehabilitation projects” Gov Sani explains.

“Additionally,efforts have been made to ensure the sustainability of WASH facilities. Continuous training and retraining programmes for Local Area Mechanics have equipped them with the skills to repair broken-down boreholes in communities. This has resulted in the rehabilitation of numerous boreholes, benefitting thousands in our rural communities.”

“On World Food Day, we pay tribute to our Food Heroes – our Farmers. Their dedication and resilience, despite numerous challenges, are commendable. They are the backbone of our food security, providing sustenance and supporting our local and national economies”

In line with Governor Sani’s SUSTAIN manifesto there are plans for massive agricultural improvement, innovation and sustainability while improving market access. We are dedicated to addressing the challenge of producing more with less water, ensuring equitable water distribution, preserving aquatic food systems, and leaving no one behind.

Governor Sani has urged the people of Kaduna State to “adopt water-conscious practices, choose local and fresh foods, reduce food and water waste, and find safe ways to reuse water while preventing pollution.”

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Water is life, water is food, and together, we leave no one behind. Happy World Food Day! ” the statement added.


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