..Targets 2million Keke riders in Nigeria

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: Following the perilous times that accompanied Fuel Subsidy Removal, the Kaduna State Government on Tuesday Commissioned the first ever Liquid/Compress Natural Gas plant L-CNG in Kakau, Kaduna State giving alternative to motorists .

Speaking at the commissioning, the representative of Kaduna State Governor Architect Ibrahim Hamza, who is the Honorable Commissioner of works and Infrastructure said “In a time marked by volatile fuel prices and currency fluctuations in the global market, Greenville LNG presents a robust solution in the form of LCNG. This change is not only embraced but enthusiastically welcomed in Kaduna. It promises to bring not only economic growth but also a revival to various Kaduna-based industries, including textiles, machinery, steel, aluminum, as well as the automotive and oil and gas sectors. “

“The provision of a stable power source through the L-CNG gas hub is of paramount importance for these small and medium-sized businesses and industries. Moreover, the development of these hubs is poised to address Kaduna’s pressing need for energy security.This welcoming change is not limited to businesses alone; it also extends to the transportation sector, where a significant number of keke riders ply the roads of Kaduna daily. For these riders, LCNG represents a cost-effective alternative to high-priced PMS, offering financial relief and reduced stress. Additionally, it promotes ecological peace, as CNG is renowned for its eco-friendliness and emission of less harmful pollutants, ensuring the safety of both our citizens and the environment.” He stressed.

Declaring the event open, the Chief Executive Officer Greenville Lauren Maubre said LNG and CNG present a cost-effective alternative to conventional fuels, leading to a 15-20% reduction in petroleum and gas oil consumption.One of the most remarkable impacts of Greenville LNG’s efforts is the economic empowerment of approximately two million KEKE NAPEP riders across Nigeria. By offering an affordable alternative to conventional fuels, we not only improve the economic well-being of these riders and their families but also mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy changes on the general public.

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Also speaking, the Chairman Greenville L-CNG Eddy van den Broeke said “our ambitious goal to establish 25 gas hubs across Nigeria, with Kakau as a pivotal cornerstone, will bridge gaps in regions lacking gas pipelines. These hubs will serve as versatile centers, transforming transportation, promoting industrial growth, and delivering clean and cost-effective energy to businesses of all sizes.”

“Our mission extends beyond addressing fuel shortages; it encompasses contributing to a greener and more sustainable Nigeria. As we inaugurate this Kakau station, we also unlock investment opportunities for local businesses in Kaduna State’s industrial and automotive gas sectors. This initiative transcends beyond energy; it embodies economic growth, job creation, and an improved quality of life for the people of Kaduna State and beyond.” He added.

Earlier, the Commissioner of Police Kaduna State Command Musa Yusuf Garba Commissioned a state of the art Police Station at Kakau donated by Greenville LNG Company.

CP Garba who commended Greenville for the support to security maintained that “I want to ensure that the kaduna Communities, Kaduna Citizens sleep with their two eyes closed unlike what I met them doing. You can see that we have made alot of progress and we have achieved so much that people can now move freely without any fear or intimidation.”


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