…. Laments hard times, urges women to bear with their husbands.

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA.

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: St Joseph’s Kagoro Catholic Women Association,(KCA) Kaduna Archdiocese, has ended her two day conference on Saturday in Kaduna.

The annual conference which held at St Andrew’s parish , Kakuri, from 3rd- 4th November, featured thanksgiving mass, talks, songs’ contest and special prayers for the Church, Kagoro land, Kaduna state and Nigeria.

Shortly after celebrating the mass, the Chaplain, St Anne’s Schools, Kakuri, Kaduna, Rev Kenneth Kaboshio, said his call to the women is a message of hope and love, ” their meeting should be one that helps them to love themselves, not only themselves, but also extend it to their homes, amongst themselves as a group”

Describing the 2 day conference, ” it’s wonderful, it’s one that gives some of us consolation, those of us, who do not have our mothers alive, yes it gives us consolation, that we have plenty mothers out there and for the very fact that they have assured us of their prayers, you know, the prayers of a parent is wonderful, it’s more of a blessing than any other thing”

According to him, ” those of us who do not have our mothers alive, meetings like this, we look forward to, it gives one the consolation that one has mothers outside there” he reiterated

He also admonished mothers on the panacea to the socio-economic challenges in the country, ” they shouldn’t be on the fast lane; they seem to have children who are on the fast lane, they want to make it,; the make- it -quick syndrome, sometimes it’s extending to even adults; they should lead with love, they should lead with patience for one another”

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He further cautioned that leadership should not be based on tyranny, ” it’s God that gives leadership, and they should love God first and then love humanity, and am sure they will have good leadership whoever is the leader ” he averred.

In the same vein, the President Kagoro Catholic Women Association, (KCA) Kaduna Archdiocese, Mrs Esther Ayis, thanked God for a successful two day event, adding that the essence of the meeting is ” to unite Kagoro women to know the importance of our meeting and after that pray for the progress of the Kagoro land and also ask for God’s mercy to be bestowed on the land of Kagoro, the state and country, that’s our mission and goal” she added.

She urged fellow women on the needful in these difficult times, ” I advice them to be patient enough, even in their various homes, place of work, market place so that they will know how to manage things; know how to manage the food items and so on, by doing that, the Lord will help them” she assured.

Similarly, a former president of the association, Mrs Asabe Ayuba, said the meeting is aimed at bringing Kagoro women in the Archdiocese together to close ranks and work towards strengthening their faith in God, who is above all ” because we have no one to rescue and save us, if not God” she said.

She maintained that the meeting has been a success, with a call on all and sundry to be patient with happenings in the country, saying ” things are not the same like in the past, every one should be patient, especially, married couples, let the women bear with whatever is provided by their husbands because the times are hard and things are not what they use to be,

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” Don’t compare what he (husband) provides now with his past provisions, do appreciate whatever he provides with love and assist him, if you can, so that, we can live in peace and help build your children and home” she stressed


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