NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The Corporate Affairs Commission has established a facility dedicated to the collective enrollment of POS operators into its database.

The CAC Registrar-General, Hussaini Magaji emphasizes the significance of including PoS operators in the commission’s database, stressing the importance of this registration process.

He mentioned that the center has all the essential amenities to function around the clock and guarantee the commission’s successful fulfillment of its objectives.

He said, “What we did was accommodate the request from the Fintechs.

“We have allowed them to integrate with the Corporate Affairs Commission; they have developed their structure, and we gave them access.

“Once they supply the necessary details for registration on their platform, the certificate is generally generated and transmitted directly to their platform without them having to contact anyone.

“We have done this to ensure that everyone gets it easy without hitches, but if they choose to apply manually, we have a secretariat open for them to do so,”

“If an incident happens and they report it to CAC, if we do not have the operator’s details, we cannot respond, and that is the essence of this registration.

“The registration ensures that every detail of the person is provided, including NIN, passport photograph and all other useful documents.

“And it is an opportunity for more people to be captured into the formal sector,”

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