… Reiterates commitment to fight for members’ welfare

By Nomsu Baba

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA– As teachers around the world mark their day, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has called for commitment by government at all levels towards making the noble profession more attractive to those practicing it, by improving the welfare of teachers in the entire country.

Speaking on a Radio Nigeria telephone interview, Tuesday, on the “The importance of teachers and the challenges facing the teaching profession in Nigeria, the Deputy President of the Union Comrade Kelvin Nwankwo ” said that the bill to better the lives of teachers is with the National Assembly, which will be sent to the President for assent after it has scaled through the legislative processes”

Responding on why teachers at the states level are not enjoying the welfare packages their colleagues at the federal level are enjoying, Comrade Nwankwo said ” the problem is education being in the concurrent list, most times a package is approved for teachers, you go down to the states, the governors there will tell you their inability to pay, we don’t have funds and so on..

Comrade Nwankwo further said that eventhough the Union has been pressing so hard, there are limitations to their agitations. Because till today, some states are owing their teachers upto ten months salaries, which the Union has intervened, but nothing positive seems to have happened.

According to him, poor renumeration is the reason why teachers don’t give in their best at work, which tends to affect the learners at the end of it. “most of the time renumeration, motivation makes somebody to work harder; but you see most of the time students failed, you say oh! teacher you have not done anything, you will not ask the teacher:

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” most of the time, you go to teach without eating, your children are sent homes from the various schools they are. So in such a circumstance, we’re in trouble, all stakeholders, not only government have to come in to remedy our education sector

” There is hope for those at the state level because those of us who are their leaders, are fighting very hard. But it’s something that has taken very long time, so it also takes long time to get these things remedied; thank God the President of the Federal Republic is now trying to address. By the grace of God, they are interfacing with the governors on this improved welfare package approved for teachers.” he added.

The World Teacher’s Day as approved by UNESCO is celebrated every 5th of October each year, to pay tributes to teachers for their unquantifiable efforts towards moulding people positively placing them in better positions to contribute meaningfully to their various communities in the nearby future. As well as to consider issues related to teachers and teaching.

This year’s theme is: ‘Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,’ which recognises teachers for their tireless efforts to keep teaching even during hardships like COVID-19 Pandemic.


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