–  Supports Wike’s presidential ambition

By Frederick Peters, KADUNA

NEWSDAILYNIGERIA: The former governor of Kaduna state, Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi said Governor Nyesom Wike has contributed greatly than any single individual to make the  PDP the amiable  party today in Nigeria

The former governor maintained that though others have contributed to the party at its trying moments, none was so passionate and committed about the party, like the Rivers State governor and went through the storms with it back then, to now have a party that everyone wishes to join and even aspire to contest elective positions.

He disclosed this while making his remarks during the visit to Kaduna state PDP/ delegates, by the PDP presidential hopeful, Governor Nwesom Wike Of Rivers state on Monday at the PDP secretariat, Kaduna, where he further recalled how

“” When the court of Appeal judgment came against us surprisingly, because we knew we were right, every body was running away, everybody was running, away, but Governor Wike called me and asked if was ready for the fight, and i said i was ready as always, he then assured me that we are going to reclaim our party and the rest is history

” Yes, there are many others who supported in different ways, but no one single individual enormously contributed as he ( Wike) did for us to have the PDP that we have today

” if it is by appointment and I have the power to appoint, I will simply just appoint you( Wike), so that, you’ll go home and rest, but it’s democracy, it’s a convention, but the delegates know those who have been with them and will continue to be with them; the people know” he added

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Makarfi said, governor Wike inspite of all his contribution to the party over the years, has not relented, saying ” you’re vigorously working for it( presidency) with all the investments, you have made, you are not sitting back at home and say, no because I did A B C, this ( presidency) should come to me; 

“but day and night you are working for it, that shows commitment, that shows genuine desire and may your desires and commitment be fruitful” he again wished the aspirant

He further commended Governor Wike, for the unprecedented gesture of 200 million naira to IDPs, victims of banditry attacks in the state, while assuring him that the donation would be applied according to the ‘purpose intended”

Earlier, Governor Wike,  said he was in Kaduna to offer himself to the party in the State, particularly the potential delegates to give him the opportunity to fly the Party’s flag to dislodge the APC’s Misrule come 2023

According to him, he has the capacity, courage and passion to give the PDP the desired victory at the polls if given the mandate by the party during the forthcoming PDP convention.

Wike further lamented the failure of the APC government to deal with insecurity in country, despite huge budgetary allocations for security in the country blaming all to bad and incapable leadership, 

He believed that with the right intelligence and political will, insecurity will be nipped in the bud, maintaining the fact that he ihopes to offer the right kind of leadership if he becomes Nigeria’s President come 2023..


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